San Diego-Imperial Athletics Congress


Casa del Prado, Balboa Park
December 15, 1982

The President called the Annual meeting of the registrants (members) by written notice to all Association members, registered clubs, and the San Diego Track and Field Officials Association, for the purposes of adopting Bylaws, electing Officers, and conducting other business in accordance with section V(a) of the proposed Bylaws.

  1. Secretary Jeff Rigdon certified the voting membership.
  2. President Ken Bernard called the meeting to order at 7:40 p.m.
  3. The members approved the minutes of the meeting of November 10, 1982.
  4. Henry Manley, President of the San Diego Track and Field Officials Association, who was named at the November 10 meeting to chair a financial audit committee, reported that the audit was incomplete. The audit report was tabled.
  5. The Chairman presented the Treasurer's report.
  6. Tom Feeney, Junior's Committee Chairman of the San Diego Track Club, reported that SDTC teams won two team and two individual titles at the National Junior Olympics Cross-Country Championships. Feeney thanked the Association for its assistance in advancing funds for this developmental purpose, while enabling contributors to realize a tax benefit. Feeney reported that all funds had been repaid.
  7. Jim Mosher, Race Director, reported on the success of the Association Cross Country Championships.
  8. The Chairman ruled that, for this meeting only, voting privileges would be extended to members of the San Diego Track and Field Officials Association. For future meetings, voting rights would be established by the Bylaws.
  9. The Chairman reported that TAC/USA had not yet received their 501(c)(3) number.
  10. The members rejected a motion to require two signatures on Association checks.
  11. The members discussed the proposed Bylaws. They defeated a motion to have the incoming President appoint a Bylaws committee which would present revisions at the next Annual meeting, then approved the Bylaws, article by article, with minor revisions. A final copy is attached.
  12. The President announced that the Association would host the 1984 TAC/USA Convention. Manley expressed concern about financial commitments made by the Association President. The President assured Manley that no statutory or TAC/USA requirement exists for contributions by the Convention host, but that, if Association members desired, they could provide a hospitality room.
  13. In written ballots, the membership elected the following officers to terms expiring at the 1984 Annual Meeting:

    Vice President
    Ken Bernard
    Dixon Farmer
    Tom Feeney
    Graeme Shirley

  14. The meeting adjourned at 10:45 p.m.

    Graeme Shirley

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