San Diego USATF


Farb Middle School
October 18, 2000

  1. Notice for the meeting was provided by a mailing to the membership which included the location, directions, an agenda, the slate of nominees selected by the Board at the August 16 meeting, and the website address for further information.
  2. President Ken Bernard called the meeting to order at 7:21 p.m. In addition to the President and Secretary, the attendees were Martinique Akinfosile, Nelson Alexander, Lolitia Bache, Simeon Baldwin, Courtni Barber, Christyana Barber, Christopher Barber, Manny Bautista, Travis Berry, Erl Cabanas, Tranya Castle, Jim Cerveny, David Chapman, Lisa Cherry, Frances Childs, Alfredo Contreras, Leslie Coons, Kasha Cooper, Albert Dandridge, Bryant Davis, Dominique Davis, Marissa DeLuna, Cedric Easley, Deanthony Easley, Jasmine Easley, Marlene Forchion, Merlyn Forchion, Merriel Forchion, Kyra Green, Regan Green, Paul Greer, Vedra Hall, Adam Henderson, Monique Henderson, Allan Hodgert, Brooke Kennedy, Mike Klepper, Gary MacDonald, Lillian Mahoney, Christian Martin, Joshua Martin, Kristan Matison, Michael Matison, Rene Matison, Clenon Mitchell III, Karlton Mitchell, Channing Moreland, Chelsae Moreland, Derric Morris, Myeisha Morris, Roland Morris Jr, Roland Morris III, Shemika Morris, Ed Oleata, Patty Oleata, Clayton Overmyer, Sydney Overmyer, Timothy Overmyer, Kimberly Robertson, Arnie Robinson, Geminelle Rollins, Darius Savage, Traci Schmidt, Sharde Sherrill, Steve Sherrill III, Joni Shirley, Naje Singleton, Jim Skelly, Tracy Sundlun, Steve Taggart, Elizabeth Tate, Pat Thiss, Sharika Thompson, Jemetra Trotter, Frederick Weathers, Rachel Weathers, Aja Wheeler, Janelle Wilson, and Jazmyne Wilson.
  3. The membership who had attended approved the minutes of the meeting of August 16.
  4. The President gave the Treasurer's report. The checking account balance was $5621.86 while the certificates of deposit were another $16,000.
  5. The Secretary reviewed the Bylaws for elections. No nominations being received beyond the slate nominated by the Board, the following officers were elected by acclamation for two-year terms.

    Vice President
    Ken Bernard
    Arnie Robinson
    Lolitia Bache
    Graeme Shirley

  6. Robinson spoke about his recent serious injuries due to being hit by a drunk driver. He was congratulated on his recent election to the Track & Field Hall of Fame.
  7. Greer reported on the Dirt Dogs Cross Country Championship series.
  8. Hodgert reported on the Association Track & Field Championships and his trip to the Olympics.
  9. Alexander, Robinson, and Tate reported on youth. The 2001 calendar is set.
  10. Skelly is recertifying officials. The target is to surpass 100.
  11. Mahoney described her responsibilities as records chairman.
  12. Oleata gave a summary of the Masters Track & Field season.
  13. Bautista, Hodgert, Klepper, and MacDonald spoke about their Olympic Trials and Olympics support.
  14. Sundlun offered granola bars to the youth programs. Bernard commended Sundlun and Elite Racing for bringing high visibility events to the Association.
  15. Contreras spoke about Imperial Valley activities, thanked the Association for its efforts, and expressed a desire to keep communications open across the Lagunas.
  16. The President tentatively named the following delegates: Alexander, Bernard, Greer, Hodgert, Mahoney, Oleata, Robinson, Scott Sargeant, G. Shirley, Skelly, and Tate. The membership approved paying for the registrations for Sundlun and Thiss.
  17. The meeting adjourned at 8:56 p.m.

    Graeme Shirley

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