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December 17, 2003

  1. President Graeme Shirley called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. In addition to the President and Secretary, the attendees were Lolitia Bache, Ken Bernard, Curt Clausen, Paul Greer, Pete Gregory, Lillian Mahoney, Sharon Powell, Arnie Robinson, Jim Skelly, and Elizabeth Tate.
  2. The Board approved the minutes of the Annual Meeting of October 15, continued on November 5.
  3. Treasurer Lolitia Bache reported that the checking account balance was $8860 as of the November statement, while the certificates of deposit were another $16,000.
  4. Robinson reported that Rahn Sheffield and Wes Williams were attempting to schedule the Men's and Women's Track & Field Championships for June 19 at San Diego State.
  5. Greer announced the winners of the Dirt Dogs Cross Country Series (Nazario Romero, Ursula Kremer, Sal Salmi, Tracy Golba, Greg Wilson, and Willie Mundt). He is planning a long-distance running series in the spring, but no championships at individual distances. The schedule will be set shortly.
  6. Clausen described the 30 km Race Walk National Championships to be held January 11 on the Chula Vista loop course. This will be a tune-up for the walkers and a dry run for the officials for the 50 km Olympic Team Selection Race Walk February 15 to be held at the same venue. The 30 km event will include Masters National Championships as well as options for walkers to opt for 10 km or 20 km distances, using a common start.
  7. Robinson announced that the Association will be hosting the Junior Olympics Regional Championships June 26-27 at Rancho Buena Vista High School, on a brand new track, scheduled to be completed just two weeks before the event. Alternate sites are available in case of construction delays. The Junior Olympics Association Track & Field Championships will be two weeks prior, June 12-13 at a site to be determined.
  8. Robinson also stated that the Southern California Road Runners won the Midget Girls Junior Olympics Cross Country National Championships in Albuquerque December 13.
  9. Skelly reported that the annual meeting of the officials association will be January 10 at Mesa College. The annual certification workshop will be at the same site January 17. Four to six volunteers are needed for the race walk championships as course marshals.
  10. Mahoney announced that all Association records submissions were approved at the National Meeting.
  11. Robinson reported on the Awards Dinner. The site will be the Admiral Kidd's Club. Base security requires a list of all those in attendance to board the shuttles. The Board discussed the use of for online registration. The consensus was to use it if the fees were nominal (less than 10%). Robinson needs final information on award winners by December 22. He also asked for video of the award winners for display at the dinner. Fees are $25 for individuals, $200 for tables of 8. The consensus of the Board was that complimentary dinners would be given to adult award winners and one guest, youth award winners and two guests, plus Board members.
  12. The Board unanimously approved a motion by Skelly to buy Directors and Officers Insurance at $600 per year.
  13. The Board unanimously approved a motion by Greer to authorize up to $200 for business cards.
  14. The Board discussed the President's draft proposal for criminal background checks for youth coaches.
  15. The Board unanimously approved Clausen's motion to adopt eight amendments to the Bylaws on election procedures to maintain compliance with USATF Regulation 15. The Regulation was amended at the 2003 National Meeting. These amendments were for clarification and did not have any significant effect.
  16. The President noted that 10 delegates did not attend the final session of the USATF Annual Meeting, the session where final voting occurs. He suggested that this should be a consideration in naming future delegates and paying for their registration.
  17. The President reviewed the expense (over $11,000 annually) and services of the office and proposed that the Board should consider alternatives.
  18. The Board approved Powell's motion that the Board spend up to $25 monthly for food prior to the monthly meetings.
  19. The President directed the Board's attention to the merchandise available at the USATF website, and suggested that some budgeted funds could be spent on banners, finish line banners, T-shirts, and other material to help promote the Association.
  20. The meeting adjourned at 8:59 p.m.

    Joni Shirley

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